Find Top Doctors and Care Trusted by Veterans and Military Families

Anonymously Rate Your VA or Private Hospital and Clinics

Now Vets and MilFam can make their Best Health Care Decisions with Independent Ratings and Reviews

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Find Top Doctors and Care Trusted by Veterans and Military Families

Anonymously Rate Your VA or Private Hospital and Clinics

Now Vets and MilFam can make their Best Health Care Decisions with Independent Ratings and Reviews



Veterans + Military Families:

Find Your Next Great Doctor combines the best from ratings and reviews sites in an exclusive and verified independent and veteran-owned home, built to empower vets and their families in their vital health care provider decisions.

Finally, there is a standard of trust and independent validation of VA and private providers' commitment to veterans.

If you've served, you and your family have earned the best care available-either through the VA or a private provider.  TroopScore exists to help you find the best, and to help other vets with your ratings.

Hospitals and Providers:

Get the recognition you've earned.

Quickly Claim or Add Your Listing.

Showcase that you Set the Standard and benefit from your commitment to service for your vet patients,  employees, and community.

Grow your online reputation using the strong ties among the networks of military veterans and their families.

Build lifetime and even generational engaged relationships with vets and their families as a #TroopScoreTrusted provider.  Show that you walk the walk.


TroopScore Trusted Badge

Top Health Care Providers Wear This Badge Proudly.

 TroopScore Trusted Hospitals and Health Care Professionals are Veteran and Military Family Approved-just view their ratings!

The TroopScore Trusted Shield is the symbol of an organization's commitment to understanding and resolving the many unique challenges surrounding health care for the Veteran community and their loved ones.

The shield is a symbol of transparency and independence from interests outside of the best outcomes for vets.  It reflects the culture of health care providers driven by patient feedback, improved and integrated patient experience, and measurable results for this population.

Hospitals and Health Care Providers: Update Your Profile Today

Veterans and Military Family are your patients, employees, and community.

Claim your free listing now to improve how you attractengage, recruit, serve, and retain them.

Grow and enhance your reputation with America's approximately 20 million veterans and their families.

Share your culture, team, skills, and specialties with some of America's best.


Our Mission: Every Vet Every Visit

We're dedicated to a better 'veteran life' experience for vets and their families after service. 

We believe that starts with improving health through a standard of care with organizations that understand and value the service these families have freely given our nation and who respond to vet needs with a strong focus on improving the patient experience.

These Providers have committed to maximizing their patient centered care and outcomes, including those expressed in terms of patient satisfaction.

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TroopScore gives veterans and military families a standard to help guide their healthcare decisions.
We accomplish this by certifying the efforts of VA and private healthcare providers through anonymous ratings from veterans and their families, reviews, and our proprietary methodology.


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