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Every Review Matters

Because Every Voice Matters It’s easy to think that you’re on your own when dealing with the challenges that can come with finding success in your life after military service. There is a ton of information available, and thousands of providers and a bunch of coordinated networks. They all claim to be dedicated to helping…

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TroopScore in Huff Post: Letting Veterans Set the Standard was recently profiled in the Huffington Post. The article focused on how we’re giving veterans and their families a tool to rate and review the care and service they receive and that impacts them across their life after service. Vets and families can join TroopScore for free and rate colleges and universities, VA and…

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A picture of a person holding a smart phone and reading the USA Today article about the VA's Internal Ratings

VA Internal Ratings Validate TroopScore

TroopScore statement on release of ‘secret’ internal VA Medical Center ratings. Veteran-led startup launched earlier this year to provide independent reviews.   ASHEVILLE, NC (December 28, 2016)—TroopScore, the site of vet-to-vet reviews, was inadvertently validated last week when the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released their internal ratings of 146 Medical Centers under pressure from…

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TroopScore Launch

TroopScore announces launch of web portal for Veterans to navigate VA Healthcare and Benefits. Free website offers vet-to-vet reviews as a tool for veterans to help each other navigate and improve the VA.   ASHEVILLE, NC (November 11, 2016)—TroopScore, a new online resource for veterans to research and rate physicians, care providers, and service organizations,…

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